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Erstellt am: 07.05.2006 :  06:59:41 Uhr  Profil anzeigen  Antwort mit Zitat

I live in India. I dont eat any red meat except bacon. I am allergic to salmon and tuna!!
also, I cant understand how to plan my menus!!!
I have the 1999 version of the book. But there is so much information in it that I've lost interest in reading it. I need help!!
Can someone simplify this for me????

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Erstellt  am: 07.05.2006 :  16:05:34 Uhr  Profil anzeigen  Antwort mit Zitat
hi soulmia,

it is not so easy to explain this method. it is better to read the book before starting with MM.

I try to explain the generals:

1st. you are not allowed to eat any food with GI over 50.

2nd. food with GI up to 35 (protein-fat-meal) you are allowed to combine with fat.

3rd. food with GI over 35 up to 50 (carbohydrate-meal), you are not allowed to combine with fat, except a little bit of olive-oil or fish. For example,in europe, we are eating a lots of bread an so on. bread which contents only wholemeal is allowed an has a GI of 40, so I am not allowed to combine with fatty foods. Except fish or olive oil, or low-fat turkey (with fat-content up to 2%) or cream cheese (with fat-content up to 1%, wich is not easy to find).

4th. Please avoid any food which contents sugar, it is not so easy here in germany, but I do not know, how the situation is in india.

5th. you do not have any reguliations about the portions of food. you can eat until you have enough.

6th. you must take care that you avoid to eat carbohydrate-meals in the evening, because your pancrease produces to much insulin, and you can not burn so much fat overnight.

7th. take care about eat much proteins, like meat (better turkey and chicken), milk-products (i do not know if they are available in india, because I know, cows are holy in india), fish, and soy-products (for example tofu). You can combine this for example with vegetables and salat.

I hope I did not forget anything.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

kind regards.

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